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Archive for April, 2010

A Calming Retreat in West Hollywood

Recently a friend told me about a new day spa in West Hollywood that she had recently been to.  She loved it and recommended it as a great place to get a massage West Hollywood.  I finally got a chance to check it out a couple of weeks ago.  I needed a massage, and since […]

Lose Weight with Healthy Organic Home Cooked Meals

Eating good, healthy, home cooked meals is important to maintaining good health.  Unfortunately, not everyone has the time to prepare healthy dinners from scratch.  Work, kids and school all combine to leaving little time for cooking in the kitchen.  Many Americans turn to fast food to get a quick filling meal when pressed for time.  […]

Tips on Choosing a Bail Bondsman in Arizona

Sometimes it happens that you end up in the wrong place at the wrong time and you end up on your way to jail.  In these situations, you want help, and you want it fast.  Choosing a bail bondsman is the first step in getting back home where you belong.  There are many choices out […]

The Saguaro Cactus and Its Unique Magnificence

The saguaro cactus (Carnegiea gigantea or Cereus gigantea), a gigantic cactus that can reach over 55 feet high with some known to have survived for about 200 years and that can grow more than 50 arms, is all about age, volume and weight so far as a living plant is concerned. Imagine, a saguaro cactus […]

The Difference between Resurfacing Hip and Total Hip Replacement.

Whereas total hip replacement requires the removal of the femoral head and the insertion of a hip stem down the shaft of the femur (thighbone), resurfacing hip, on the other hand, preserves the femoral head and the femoral neck. During the procedure, your surgeon will only remove a few centimeters of bone around the femoral […]

Not Much Time for Coffee

When you have very little time to prepare your coffee, like grinding, portioning and brewing your cup of joe, then either k-cup, single serve coffee or instant coffee is the choice you will have to pick. K-cup is a single-cup coffee, tea or chocolate that is airtight self-contained with plastic and foil lid and a […]

Natural Wonder Dietary Supplements That Deliver

When it comes to building muscles, supplements with high potency that provide power and endurance and can create muscle mass quickly are a favorite. Pro-hormones can be used to gain size and strength, but the nasty side effects make these substances repulsive. Besides acne, lethargy and irritability, pro-hormones are also linked to liver failure and […]

The Best Body Shop in Phoenix

AZ Auto Crafters auto body repair phoenix and auto body shop in tempe, az covers it all. They do everything from mirror replacement to oil change phoenix to dent repair from car collisions. The best Phoenix body shop is AZ Auto crafters, they take the cake with uncompromised service, you will not find a better […]