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Switching to a Low Sodium Diet

Adopting a heart healthy low sodium diet is easier than you think. All a family has to do to reduce its sodium consumption is switch to low sodium sea salt.

Sea salt really is lower in sodium than the standard table salt used in most homes. One brand of sea salt, Oceans Flavor actually manufactures a seat salt that is 68% lower in sodium than standard table salt. This means that by carefully reading labels and using Oceans Flavor Low Sodium Sea Salt, a family can substantially reduce its sodium consumption.

Salt vs. Sea Salt

The reason that the standard table salt you buy in the grocery store is so much higher in sodium than sea salt is the way it’s produced. Almost all the salt used today is mined underground this means that it has a lot more sodium than sea salt.

Natural sea salt is made by evaporating seawater. This is the way that people got salt for thousands of years and it’s a lot healthier than mining salt. Since sea salt is created by evaporation, it’s easier to create a low sodium sea salt.

For those who want to eat a heart healthy diet it’s obvious that sea salt wins the salt vs sea salt battle. Yet not all, sea salt is low in sodium. Many of the commercial sea salts sold in super markets are still very high in sodium.

The best way to ensure that your family is using a low sodium sea salt is to switch to Oceans Flavor Low Sodium Sea Salt. Oceans Flavor manufacturers and sells several excellent sea salts, one of which has 68% less sodium than normal salt.

Watch What You Eat

If you want to eat a heart healthy low sodium diet you will have to watch what you eat. That mans you will have to read labels because many of the foods we eat are high in sodium. Almost all processed foods such as canned goods, pasta and frozen foods are high in sodium. Even many organic and natural foods are high in sodium.

This means that a person who is trying to eat heart healthy will have to read labels on almost everything. The best way to eat heart healthy will be to cook as much food from possible from scratch using all natural ingredients and Oceans Flavor Low Sodium Sea Salt instead of table salt.

Low sodium sea salt can be substituted for regular salt in almost all recipes. It can also be used in the shaker on the table instead of regular salt. This means that a person who wants to eat heart healthy won’t have to throw the salt shaker away.

Why Oceans Flavor is Superior

Oceans Flavor has become a global leader in the production of natural low sodium sea salt because of its commitment to quality and purity. Oceans Flavor produces all of its salt in a small village in Latin America via solar evaporation.

More importantly Ocean’s Flavor is committed to producing pure natural sea salts. Putting Ocean’s Flavor on your table and in your diet will help keep your family on a heart healthy diet.

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