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Coin Maker, Coin Manufacturer and Command Coins

A coin could be described as an accurate and easy to carry, durable and convenient mode of exchange between a buyer and a seller. It serves as a legal tender and a means of exchange made out of hard materials of standard weight.

There are Coin Makers which are machines that are used to manufacture coins. With the Golden Coin Maker, it is possible to melt, wrap and stamp coins. Also, the coin Maker will show you the step by step guides of how to make what is called chocolate coins and medals that are wrapped in golden foils.

Furthermore, the Coin maker will melt chocolate coin and medals very easily and safely before cutting the foil. All that is required is to drop the chocolate coin in the coin maker and press down on the lid. After that, remove the golden coin and emboss it. Your choice of stamp could be from; Happy Birthday, Congratulations, Good Luck and many more.

Some of the features of this machine are;

–         A safe melt chocolate melting unit

–         19 pre-made golden coin and medal

–         One magical golden coin and medal factory

–         Spreading and scribing tool

–         One partly blank design for personalization

However, Coin Manufacturer is that person that produces the coin. There are a lot of them in Taiwan and China. You can use the Google search engine to get as many of the Coin Manufacturers as you want. Their products always include; various medals, badges, trophies, fashion accessories, zinc alloy materials and other embroidered patches.

Command or challenged coin is a small pendant, bearing an organization’s crest or symbol. It is usually carried by the members of the organization for identification purpose anytime they are being challenged.  Command coins can also be used to boost members’ morale.

Command Coin is associated with the United States Army Air Force which was being used as rewards, morale booster and awards. However, it is no more wholly used among the military. Rather, it is widely pronounced in schools, businesses, academic teams and sports as well as organizations, marines, Air Force and Navy. Creation a command coins for an organization is a way of honoring the team members

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