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What to Look For in Extension Hair

Hair extensions are a wonderful way to add body and length to your hair, giving a women the full and feminine head of hair without much trouble. Extensions have become increasingly popular as women from every walk of life turn to extensions. Human wefts in particular are becoming increasingly popular. The human weft is particularly popular among teenagers, but can be easily worked into the style of women of all ages. Wefts can be machine sewn or hand sewn, and could be made from Remy hair or synthetic hair.

If you’re interested in getting a weft, it’s important to stick with real human hair, also called Remy hair. Human wefts are of much higher quality than non-Remy and will last longer as well. If you opt for synthetic hair, you’ll miss out on the natural look and feel of real Remy extensions. In the end, the Remy extensions will be worth every cent, while a synthetic weft will be a bitter disappointment. Nobody wants to invest in something that will end up looking bad. Another important attribute to consider is processing. Ideally, one should invest in hair which has not been chemically processed in any way. This guarantees the quality and durability of the extension hair. Pure Remy hair which hasn’t been processed at all is also referred to as virgin hair and is the highest quality hair around if you’re in the market for a human weft.

One of the most popular sources for human weft hair extensions is India. Remy extensions imported from India are highly valued for a number of reasons. First, the hair is strong yet with superb texture. Second, Indian Remy hair can be easily suited to women with hair of all different colors and textures. It is versatile, durable, and attractive and is widely coveted for good reason.

These are the most important tricks to remember in searching for high quality extension hair. The hair should always be human, never synthetic. Synthetic hair tends to look as fake as it really is. Avoid processing completely, or the hair will be worn out and not last as long. You should think of your human weft as an investment out of which you expect a long-lasting and high quality product. Lovette’s Lovely Remy specializes in exactly this quality of human weft and guarantees customer satisfaction.

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