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Best Face Forward

When your grandmother advised, “Put your best face forward,” she meant it figuratively. But with pollution, free radicals and the ozone layer looking more and more like Swiss cheese, times are harder than ever on your actual face. Fortunately, while the environment gears up against us, more and more tools are available for you to fight it affects and hold on to the face you have.

Botox may be a common solution to aging skin, but it isn’t a popular one. While it injecting your skin with this toxin (yup, you read right) can help fight the signs of aging, it does so with high cost to your health. Plus, the plastic face it leaves you with is less than ideal. Although there are great new alternatives available for younger, healthier skin, skincare in Los Angeles is a confusing maze.

The best way to get glowing skin without the freakish look or harmful chemicals is to get the right kind of facial for the Los Angeles lifestyle. Some facials target the muscles of the face to help tone and develop them. In the same way that exercising the muscles of the body keeps them young and supple, a deep massage of the facial muscles helps them retain elasticity maintain lift. Other facials use steam and glycolic peels to go deep into the skin and give it a thorough, revitalizing cleanse. Exfoliating chemicals also remove the dull, lifeless cells on the surface of the skin, leading to a brighter, better-toned complexion.

If you suffer from chronic acne or more persistent skin problems, microdermabrasion can give you the skin you’ve been dreaming of. This process uses natural elements to help gently remove the skin’s outermost layer of dead cells. Acne-prone, sun-damaged, or skin suffering from Melasma all show noticeable improvement through this process. Showing marked improvement of both skin texture and tone, the popularity of microdermabrasion in Los Angeles is no surprise.

Other types of facials use steam, nutrition-boosting serums, or a combination of all these techniques. There are also different skin care regimens for teens and twenty-something trying to retain their youth and more mature ladies trying to turn back the clock. Either way, there’s a way to put your best face forward.

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