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Computers Helping Dentistry

For the most part, the practice of dentistry, with the help of Straub cranial technology, has developed like all areas of medicine. It started with needs. “Ouch, my tooth hurts.” “Well, when you chew on the leaves of this plant it will stop.” That is basically how cocaine and heroin were discovered.

“I can’t chew for I have lost my teeth.” “We can fashion some thing out of bone or tusk for you” With that the dentures, or false teeth, we developed. No longer use chewing coca leaves as a remedy for a tooth ache. Aspirin works fine but more important is the proactive nature of dentistry. Stop the tooth from hurting by addressing the issue before it gets that far. Introduce fillings. We also learned about flossing as well.

Sometimes, however, this is just not enough. It can be for a lot of reasons and many are not the patients fault but the result ends up being dentures. Maybe the patient had genes that let the teeth decay faster or there was and accident that caused the loss. Now dentistry has found a use for computers in their work with technology from Straub.

Straub cranial technology is the newest tool on making sure that the new implants are positioned correctly. As precise and unique as the human mouth might be this can seem like a very daunting task and it is. The smallest error will be noticed So how does Straub do it?

The concept is rather simple. We are all different yet all the same. Our finger prints and our DNA are unique to us but most of us, barring a tragedy, have two arms and two legs and that is how you can think of Straub cranial technology. It uses, with 95% accuracy, biological markers to help determine where the teeth should be with out having to take a bite cast.

The principal is simple but is just one of the ways that dentistry continues to evolve. Duracetal technologies are yet another way that they are. Instead of using wire and metal to attach appliances they have found a better way of doing it using new materials and technology. No longer does the patient have to feel like a well hooked fish with Duracetal technologies.

Nowadays, computers are keeping dentistry up with the times to produce the best patient experience.

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