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Like Coupons?

If you like coupons or daily deals then you are going to love the newest edition to the coupon craze. It is and it is making business owners and users very happy. Some of the larger coupon sites on the internet are making it hard on businesses by taking 50% to 60% of the money after the coupon. So If you are a business and are giving 50% off an item, and the coupon company is getting 50% of your 50%, then you are actually giving a 75% discount on that item. Then you as the business do not get paid for another 30 to even 45 days later. Not many businesses can operate on zero money coming in from the coupons for 30 to 45 days later plus it only being 25% of what they would usually be receiving. Sounds like an old episode of the Dukes of Hazzard where Boss Hog would give Roscoe a piece of the action but only give him 50% of 50% of the net of 50% after he takes his 50%. LOL.

I am looking forward to when is in my area, and have put in my email address on the website so that I get notified when they are.

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