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Endermologie in LA

I am so sick and tired of the cellulite on my rear end and the backs of my legs, I don’t know what to do! I am going on a cruise, in warm weather mind you, and I’m so embarrassed about my cellulite. My friend is going through this process or treatment for cellulite called endermologie. She goes to this place here in Los Angeles called The Humbler Abode. She’s been getting endermologie treatments for the last 3 weeks, and you really can tell a difference in her cellulite. I am the one that is always skeptical about new age treatments, and endermologie is one that I am now considering. Endermologie uses rollers and suction to move the fat around and stimulate the skin cells. If it is working for my friend, I guess I ought to give it a whirl. I’m already doing reformer pilates, and since I started 6 months ago, I have grown an inch, and toned all over. I would suggest massage los angeles from the Humble Abode to follow up and reformer pilates session. The best massage los angeles I have ever gotten was at The Humbler Abode. Since they offer and specialize in endermologie, I guess I should try it out. I already get massage los angeles there, and I am in reformer pilates classes. I wonder if I might get a discount on endermologie since I get massage los angeles there. I will inquire about it and tell you if endermologie works for me!

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