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Coffee!!! The perfect “wake-up” drink that Americans consume almost as much as water! Let’s face it. Americans drink coffee! But there is quite a large selection of coffee brands. Which should you choose? And not only that! What flavor? What caffeine level do you pick? Should you pick caffinated, half-caff., or full caff.? What type of coffee bean makes the best and most flavorful cup of coffee? Kona coffee? Organic coffee or regular coffee? Whole bean? Questions like this can often cross coffee lovers’ minds, and there is a simple answer! Research! Experiment! Educate yourself on the hundreds of aspects of coffee! The first thing that you will want to do is go online and learn about the different kinds of coffee and understand their history and where they come from. For instance, if you did some research, you would learn that Kona coffee comes from Hawaii. After doing some online research, and educating yourself in the world of coffee, you should go to your local supermarket and buy a few different kinds to try. Keep doing this until you have tried every different kind in the store. Keep track of which coffees you like best, and then go online and see who sells that particular kind of coffee on the internet. You will probably want to get into the habit of buying online in order to get the freshest coffee or coffee beans. Think about it. Coffee in the stores will usually sit for months before it makes it to your coffee cup. But if you order online, most coffee businesses will specially make it for you and ship it immediately to your front door. Now that you know your favorite kind, and know where to buy it, share your knowledge! Tell your friends about how fantastic your coffee is and let them experience what you did! If they don’t like it, introduce to them the cycle that you did. It goes like this. Step 1- Research. Step 2- Shop in a store. Step 3- Pick a favorite. Step 4- Find a dealer online. Step 5- Share! And don’t think of this cycle as work. It’s fun! Enjoy experimenting and have fun shopping online for coffee. Enter the world of coffee and have a great time!

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