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Agriculture Protects Against Drought

Arizona horse property for sale is going fast. Many municipalities in Maricopa county are growing to encompass and surround what used to be prime land for farming and ranching. Farmers and ranchers are increasingly facing difficulties keeping their property productive and able to keep their animals.

Arizona ranch land for sale is a good bet because it ensures that it will be a viable place to raise your animals for a long while into the future. This is a way to avoid being encroached upon by residential land that doesn’t fit the city government’s desired zoning.

Many times city governments in the southwest will coerce farmers and other agricultural users of land to abandon their claims and sell the land by imposing rigid water use restrictions. This is a round-about way of encouraging ranchers to leave the land so that cities can generate more tax revenue from residents living on the land through property taxes.

Mohave county land for sale is more remote and isolated from the troubles large municipalities can cause. Using land for agricultural purposes keeps the water table “soft” or, in other words, more flexible. This means that in times of extreme drought water can be diverted from farms and fields to be used by residents. Building houses so close together is difficult for the environment to naturally replenish. This means that people living in large desert communities must face the possibility of water shortages if they choose to live in them.

Mohave county is insulated from such problems. Keeping horses and ranching is a way to own productive land and also afford a last line of defense in cases of drought.

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