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Bob Fraley's Christian Life Outreach

America is a country where close to eighty percent of its citizens claim to be Christians. A recent survey showed the specific percentage to be seventy-six percent. In a country with so many Christians, why are things going so poorly? Our schools are often failing, crime is rampant, and there is a large growing cancer of amorality that seems to grow each year. What can a person do?

Luckily, there are people who are willing to stand against the tide of this downward-spiral. One such person who is quite aware of how America fits into Bible Prophecy is Bob Fraley. Mr. Fraley runs his mission through a number of ways, one of which is Bob Fraley’s Christian Life Outreach. At this site, one can sign up for email lists, contact Bob himself, and check into Bob’s newest book, “Salt and Light.” The book is entirely free; all someone that wants the book has to do is pay the postage. The book deals with many important issues we need to know about in today’s world. Subjects such as America in Bible Prophecy, general Bible Prophecy,  the Beast of Revelation, and more are covered in this book.

The site is easy to navigate, and deals with the important issues that a country with such a vast majority of Christian citizens should be aware of. Bob Fraley’s Christian Life Outreach is an excellent source to the Christian who cares about the future of the country in these days, which many consider to be the End Times.

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