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Arizona Assisted Living

We all face difficult decisions at one point or another in our lives. As a man in my mid-thirties, my parents are approaching the time in their lives when they will need to be taken care of by the family. It’s a fact of life that many adults need extra care than they are able to provide for themselves as they approach their senior years. I always wondered how I would handle this, having a family in a home that doesn’t have much extra room. I’ve wondered what options there would be for someone seeking assisted living Glendale. I know there are a number of options when seeking an Arizona retirement home, but had not spent much time researching the subject until recently.

I was lucky to come across Colten Adult Care, which offers adult care AZ for people such as myself looking to take care of their elderly family members. Of course, a good website is an important thing these days to convey information about their retirement home. I spent some time working for an IT company, and actually went to Colten Adult Care’s location, and was thoroughly impressed. As one can see from the site ( , the location is a very modern-looking place. It wasn’t at all what I expected from a retirement community. To me, it seemed simply like a condominium complex. I could hardly believe it was an assisted living facility. The staff is on the job 24/7, so if there are issues that come up, your loved ones are always watched out for. The site is beautiful. I can only recommend that one goes by to see it themselves. It has to be seen to be believed, and completely changed my perspective on Arizona retirement homes.

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