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Natural Wonder Dietary Supplements That Deliver

When it comes to building muscles, supplements with high potency that provide power and endurance and can create muscle mass quickly are a favorite. Pro-hormones can be used to gain size and strength, but the nasty side effects make these substances repulsive. Besides acne, lethargy and irritability, pro-hormones are also linked to liver failure and can cease our own natural testosterone production. Logically, folks also prefer natural but effective supplements obtained from plants, microorganisms and animal sources to harsh, synthetic compounds.

Prime by USPlabs, a leading manufacturer of seven breakthrough products from Dallas, Texas, is such natural pre-workout anabolic supplement with extreme potency that delivers. Labeled the Ultimate Muscle Pill, it has been voted as “#1 Platinum Non-Hormonal Anabolic Agent”.

Athletes and bodybuilders like to increase their Human Growth Hormone (HGH) because it stimulates protein synthesis in skeletal muscle, growth and cell reproduction. It also stimulates lipolysis or fat burning. As a result, nothing can work better to build rock-hard muscles while stripping off fat like Growth Hormone. PowerFULL, a natural dietary supplement, when released by USPlabs, quickly shot up to best seller and is now the “World’s Strongest Natural Growth Hormone Releaser”.

Another product from USPlabs in building muscles is Anabolic-Pump, a natural dietary supplement that has the power of GLUT4 activation, so that nutrients are shuttled directly into muscle cells and away from fat cells to build muscle mass and burn fat at the same time. Voted as “#1 Nutrient Partitioning Agent”, it has a key ingredient that has been shown to increase GLUT4 up to threefold or more and has a substance which can activate GLUT4 in muscle cells allowing carbohydrates to be delivered directly to muscle cells in large amounts. GLUT4 is a protein-transporter hormone that lies dormant in muscle and fat cells in our body until it’s activated by weight training or dietary intake.

Still around workouts and building muscles, USPlabs has one more top-notch natural supplement called Jack3d, a synergistic combination of exciting, new compounds with tried and true compounds to deliver a formula that is extremely potent, yet not detrimental to health, unlike up to 77% of pre-workout powders on the market, which are concoctions full of useless or harmful fillers. Jack3d also contains creatine (creatine monohydrate), a scientifically validated dietary supplement that delivers real world results. However, other companies are banking on creatine supplements and are touting that they have created their own unique versions, when actually there is no such thing.

To burn fat fast, RECREATE by USPlabs is just the dietary supplement that will leave you wondering where your fat has gone to in such a short time. This powerful fat burner contains a natural ingredient called cirsimarin, which has shown in vitro to be 20 times more potent at stimulating lipolysis in fat cells of an animal model as compared to caffeine. Another phenomenal natural thermogenic by USPlabs to burn fat fast is OxyELITE Pro. Its potency is without match and its ability to deliver is incredible. It bears a special warning not to exceed four capsules in any 24-hour period and not to use the product for longer than eight weeks.

Another product by USPlabs that may be useful to athletes, bodybuilders, weight lifters as well as other people is SuperCissus RX, a potent natural dietary supplement in capsules to heal discomfort in our joints. It contains the extract of a herb called Cissus Quadrangularis from India. It has been voted “WINNER: Joint Product of the Year!”

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