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Not Much Time for Coffee

When you have very little time to prepare your coffee, like grinding, portioning and brewing your cup of joe, then either k-cup, single serve coffee or instant coffee is the choice you will have to pick.

K-cup is a single-cup coffee, tea or chocolate that is airtight self-contained with plastic and foil lid and a filter inside. Put a k-cup coffee in a Keurig brewing machine, push the button and the machine will puncture the foil lid and the under side of the k-cup and force hot water through the cup into a mug and in less than a minute, you’ll have a perfect cup of gourmet coffee ready. Keurig k-cups come in a range of varieties, flavors and blend options, including single-origin coffees as well as branded hot chocolate and tea. Other companies also offer their own k-cups and so many fine coffees are available in k-cups. You don’t need to clean the machine when you use k-cups because they are self-contained.

There are other kinds of single serve coffee besides k-cups, such as coffee pods, coffee bags, T-discs, ESE pods and singles capsules. Coffee pods are ground coffee for a single serving packaged in their own filter. To make your coffee, you use a coffee pod maker. Coffee pods are sold by many different companies in a variety of flavors and blends. Coffee bags are gauze bags containing a mixture of instant coffee and finely ground roast coffee. You soak a coffee bag in hot water for about five minutes to be ready to drink. T-discs or Tassimo self-contained single serve packs are similar to k-cups. To make a T-disc beverage, you use a Tassimo brewer. ESE pods or easy serving espresso pods are brewed using either a coffee pod maker or an espresso machine. You will need an adapter when you use an espresso machine. Singles capsules are coffee in capsules. They come in various flavors. You need a special capsule machine to make your drink.

Another time saver is instant coffee. Put the amount you like in a cup, pour hot water into it and you’ve got your coffee ready. You don’t need to brew, much less to grind the beans first. The difference between instant and regular coffee is the taste.

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