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Gold coins are now part of my investment strategy

We have all learnt some lessons over the past couple of years about who we trust our hard earned savings with, the bankers and fund managers continued to sell us bad products even when they knew that the bottom was about to fall out of the market and create worldwide economic problems.

I am just a regular guy on a slightly higher than average annual income with a pension scheme plus a few privately owned stocks and shares, but with the depressing economic news I decided to look at other options and spent some time doing my own research – I soon discovered that there had been a worldwide surge in gold buying and I reasoned that investing in a real product rather that a hyped up would be a good investment strategy for me.  I began to buy gold coins from the Swiss American Trading Company and not only do I have some great items but I know that I can sell them at any time. So far I have probably gained about 15% on the value of my gold but this depends upon the market at any given time so I try to just picture my gold sitting in the security deposit box.

Gold coins are not only valuable but they have a real history so I can look at a coin and place it at any given point in our history, some of my close friends are now also very interested in my collection and we have spent a few evenings passing round my latest acquisitions (before they go to the security box in my local bank). We chat a bit about American history, maybe recall some films or books we have read and while away the evening quite happily with these reminiscences and discussions. It is really satisfying to be able to handle and display my gold coins whilst discussing the concerns we all have for the future and our retirements.

The assistants at the Swiss American Trading Company office were really helpful from my very first email, and were very understanding of my concerns during my initial enquiries and every following phone call. In the beginning I knew very little about coins or gold but my knowledge has grown with my collection and I now have a favorite contact who knows my buying history and advises me on coins that may be interesting or good value but, whoever I speak with always understands my requests and takes time to answer my questions.

As an investment strategy I have decided that I am now sitting on a valuable commodity that I can sell at any time and that will still be there for my grandchildren when I am gone.  During my lifetime it has always been property has been promoted as a wise investment, but having seen the house prices in my area fall dramatically I feel much happier with gold in the bank.

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