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The Hot New App for Twitter

There is little doubt we are in the land of the internet. It all happened in less than 20 years when we went from not knowing what it was to not knowing how to live without it It is a daily part of our life.

Along with the internet was a way to make it easier to use and that was Google. With Google came a way to find any information out there on the net. If anything, now you found too much information.

How long ago did you find out about email? It is an even shorter time than the internet but see what that has done? In a few years it has replaced the post office. It is like sending a letter only free. Also, you get to send multiple copies of the letter if you need to thus helping us organize out life.

Well, of course things could not stop there. Email started out seeming cutting edge but part of the internet is that it is always growing and improving. No matter what you create someone will come along and make it better; this has been the case with email. Along came instant messaging.

Instant messaging was an improvement over email in lots of ways but had it’s drawbacks as well. It allowed you to send messages to friends and also send pictures and files just as quickly. Also, your conversations were now in real time so it was much more like having a conversation because it was interactive; email lacked this feature.

This, however, did not make it perfect and it was still riddled with draw backs that email did not have. For one, your recipient had to want to hear from you. With email you can send a message to anyone that had not blocked you. There is also the interactive aspect. The interactive part is fun but that means they have to want to get the message. This cannot always be the case as people are often busy or working A new solution needed to be introduced.

The solution has been Twitter. Twitter is a system that allows everyone (or anyone) to post messages at anytime. Twitter gives you the option to “follow”someone, meaning read their post, or be followed, have your post read. It keeps people updated through out the day with what you are up to and can be used by people or business.

It is easy to guess that for a business this can be quite a mess. You do want to let those that Twitter follow you but to do this effectively you need Twitter apps. The best Twitter app to use to help grow your business is Tweet Ranger. With it you will be able to follow those that follow you and to eliminate those that do not. You can also randomly add tweeters to help improve business. They are so confident that it will work they offer you 3 days for free.

Tweeter is the latest in communication. Wise use of it can build business and for that you will find the investment in a tweet app like Tweet Ranger a good investment.

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