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Luxury Stay at Bella Sirena

Bella Sirena Resort is a luxury resort located in Puerto Penasco, Mexico.  Bella Sirena draws in thousands of tourists each year, many from the neighboring country, the United States.  Located adjacent to the Pacific Ocean, Bella Sirena offers pristine views, unforgettable moments and unmatched value.  The resort is located just under 100 miles from the United States, making it an easy getaway for residents.

Bella Sirena Puerto Penasco offers unmatched quality and value over every other resort in Mexico.  The resort has a very safe and inviting atmosphere, making it great for the entire family.  For those United States citizens that live in the southwest states, Bella Sirena makes a great tourist destination, as it takes no longer than 4 hours to drive.  You will incur no fees when driving to the resort.  There are currently plans for an international airport to service more traffic and enable more people to experience the unmatchable beauty of Bella Sirena.

When you stay at Bella Sirena Rocky Point, you have the option of renting either a beach home, penthouse or villa.  The experience is unmatched with anything else in the world and you – and your family – will never forget it.  You will discover just how much the staff and owners of Rocky Point care about your needs when you stay at Bella Sirena.  Unlike hotels or other cheap vacation homes, Bella Sirena makes sure that every family has their own home, meaning you don’t have to share living space with other families.  Each home is backed right up to the beach, letting you have front row seats to the largest ocean in the world.

Your comfort and happiness is the number one priority of the staff and owners of Bella Sirena.  This is evidenced by the many hundreds of luxurious amenities that are included in each room.  A few of the amenities include bar, restaurant, HDTV, wireless internet, kiddie pool, heated pool, personal jacuzzi in every room, fitness area, tennis courts, gated security, elevator and 24/7 security cameras.  As if the amenities weren’t enough, every home is located in front of the awe-inspiring Pacific ocean, offering some of the greatest views in the world.  Whether you love surfing, swimming or simply admiring the ocean, you will find plenty to do in and around the Pacific Ocean.

The cost to stay at Bella Sirena is fairly low, especially when all of the amenities and special features are taken into account.  If you are planning on staying Sunday to Thursday, during of off season, you will pay about $110 for a one bedroom condo.  For the same length of time for a three bedroom condo, you will pay about $340, nearly triple the price.  The weekend prices are higher because of the higher demand.  For the same rooms during the weekend, you will pay $120 and $400, respectively.  Additional local and government taxes will come into effect when you are calculating your total costs.  Also during spring break the prices will be higher because of higher demand.

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