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Luxury Vacation at Barra de Navidad

If you and your family are looking for a small, quaint tropical vacation area this year, look no further than Barra de Navidad.  Located next to the Pacific Ocean in Mexico, the resort offers unmatched luxury while retaining the traditional Mexican culture that surrounds it.  Barra Navidad has constantly been rated among the best Mexican resorts.  In fact, the resort has recently been voted the #1 resort in Mexico, attributing factors include the authentic Mexican culture, the landscape and the value.  The resort is located near many other towns, and an international airport is only 20 minutes away, making it a very easy destination to get to.

For those that love the outdoors, you will love Barra de Navidad.  For starters, the resort is surrounded by mountains, some reaching as high as 14,000 feet that offer breathtaking views and a tough climb.  The resort is actually a bay, which is surrounded by these mountains.  Since the resort is located on the Pacific Ocean, there are naturally a lot of activities to partake in that relate to the water.  Maybe you like surfing, swimming, scuba diving, deep sea fishing or sailing.  Whatever you like, you can do it at Barra de Navidad.  There is a 1 mile long sandy beach perfect for getting that tan you’ve always wanted or swimming in the ocean.  There is also a natural lagoon that features warm water for your enjoyment.  As far as the weather goes, during peak season (during spring break in the United States) the average temperature is 78 degrees.  It rains about every four days, so you can be sure you’ll get your fair amount of sun.

Just because the resort features many outdoor activities doesn’t mean you’ll be camping in a tent.  With the Barra de Navidad Bungalows, condominiums or the Grand Bay Hotel, you will never be sleeping on the ground.  The rates are cheap and the lodges themselves are great.  With such amenities as televisions, wi-fi internet and king size beds, you can be sure you’ll enjoy yourself indoors and outdoors when you stay at Barra de Navidad.  If you somehow manage to get bored of the outdoor activities, then head on over the one of the many traditional Mexican restaurants that surround the resort.  These restaurants pride themselves in serving only authentic Mexican cuisine, unlike some other restaurants which serve rip-off versions of the food in order to increase profits.

Unlike other luxury resorts in Mexico which have been stripped of their native identity by foreign tourists, the Barra de Navidad still retains almost all of it’s traditional roots.  During the off season, it would be rare to find a majority of the tourists that were foreigners.  Many rich Mexicans choose the resort because of the traditional culture and cheap rates.  During the peak season, you will find many tourists from Canada and the United States, but the resort still manages to retain it’s identity as a Mexican resort.  If you are looking for authentic Mexican culture, luxury and hospitality, look no further than the Barra de Navidad resort.

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