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Vacationing at Rock Point

We work all day to have the night off and we work all week to have the weekend off but why do we work all year?   That is right, vacation.  A week or two of spending time away from work and relaxing.  You could just spend the week at home and work around the house but you have worked too hard for that.  You deserve a week in the sun and being pampered.. You should consider  Sonoran Sun Puerto Penasco at the condos in Rocky Point.  You can lay back an enjoy the Sea of Cortez and enjoy life.  That should be able to get you rested, relaxed and ready for another year.

This resort is perfect for any family.  The condos at Rocky Point come in all sizes for any family even if it is just a family of two.  Staying there at the Sonoro rentals will defiantly not leave you feeing short on space as even Sonoro rentals for just a couple have plenty of room at over 900 square feet.  With more rooms they continue to get bigger to over 2000 square feet and you can even go a little crazy with the permium condos at over 5000 square feet.  Regardless of the one that you need you can rest assured you will have a dramatic ocean view.  How can you be sure?  They all do!

Once you arrive at  Sonoran Sun Puerto Penasco by plane and rent a car or drive down from the US, you’ll be able to park your car securely at Rocky point as even the parking is secure there.  As a bonus, you don’t even have to leave the resort if you don’t want to as there is every thing you need on the property, right down to a convenience store and liquor store.  Pools, beach. Food is all right here at the Sonoro rentals.

If you like water you have come to the right place with condos at Rocky Point.  You can sun on one the many deck chairs or do a little swimming in the pool.  Is swimming not to much up your alley?  Well then you should just swim over to the bar as the do have bar in the pool.  Some people get enough of pools at home because they have one but most people don’t have an ocean.  They have almost 1000 feet of beach for you to splash in the Sea of Cortez.  They also have boards and such for rent if you are feeling a little more adventurous.

Vacations are for relaxing.  They are forgetting the troubles back home and to suspend reality for a week or two (or more).  There are all sorts of areas that compete to be your vacation destination but the Sonoro rentals have something to offer every one and let you craft a personal vacation.  It does not matter if you are a young couple ore a larger family, they can  handle it.  You can stay safely on the resort all week and want for nothing or decide to go out and see Puerto Penasco.  What ever you are looking for it is here.

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