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Assisted Living at Colten Adult Care

It is a fact of life that we grow old, and when we do, it is sometimes necessary to live in assisted living homes.  Don’t confuse assisted living homes with nursing homes, they are drastically different.  Nursing homes are often for the sick or weak – young and old alike.  People who live in nursing homes generally have trouble caring for themselves.  Those who live in assisted living homes are almost always elderly, but they are often healthy.  Oftentimes their spouse has passed so they decide to live in assisted living homes.  One of the best assisted living in Arizona homes is Colten Adult Care.

Many have lived in the Colten facilities and have had nothing but good to say about them.  The Arizona senior community offers some of the best and most luxurious amenities of any assisted living home in the country.  Below are a few of the features that your parents or grandparents will enjoy when living at the Colten facilities:

·        Staff that is always available 24/7

·        Full time activities

·        The caregivers are certified and some of the best in the country

·        Unique homes that are unlike traditional nursing or assisted living homes

·        Family operated for over 25 years

·        Special care available for dementia and alzheimers

·        Day, Respite and Hospice caregivers

·        Special care for diabetics and for those that require extra oxygen

·        Catheter care


Many people don’t place their loved elders in assisted living homes because the cost is too high to be economical.  While this may hold true with most assisted living homes, Colten Adult Care has lower prices than other assisted living AZ homes.  The rate for a semi private room is $2,750 – and the cost for a fully private room is $3200 per month.  Semi private means that your loved one will get their own bedroom and bathroom, but will have to share common living areas, such as the kitchen, living room and dining room.  Fully private means that you loved one when get an entire home all to themselves.

The cost covers meals, laundry service, housekeeping, activities and any other needs that may arise while residents are at the homes.  Unlike other facilities which charge extra if the patient requires more care, Colten Adult Care simply charges on the size of the room – and nothing else.  This is great if you have an elder that is in poor health or who requires more care than average.  There is also an additional $20 charge for an annual tuberculosis test and a $25 annual fee for the nurses which is required by the government.  Some insurance plans will help to cover some of the cost associated with assisted living.

If you have an elder or you are one that is looking to finally move on in their life, consider moving them into an assisted living home.  One of the best in Arizona is the Colten Adult Care facility which has some of the best care and value in the entire country.

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